"I pledge myself and this Cathedral Church to serve this diocese and always
to make this house a focus of the Bishop's ministry, a centre of mission
and a mother church of the diocese"

Dean John Dobson, upon his installation as Dean of Ripon Cathedral

'Uplifting and inspirational'


'A beautiful, peaceful Cathedral'

'A delight to the heart & soul'

'Stunning & majestic'

'Full of memories'

A house of prayer since AD672

Welcome to Ripon Cathedral

A Cathedral of the Diocese of West Yorkshire & the Dales

Ripon Cathedral has a history stretching back almost fourteen centuries. Throughout this time it has offered an unbroken tradition of witness to the Christian faith, both in the city of Ripon and across Yorkshire. Ripon Cathedral was founded by St Wilfrid, who brought craftsmen from the continent to build a new stone church dedicated to St Peter, in 672AD.
The only part of Wilfrid’s church to survive is the ancient Saxon crypt which is arguably the oldest church building in England to have remained in continuous use. The Cathedral is a vibrant parish church at the heart of its local community and mother church to the region.

Join us for our Night of Prayer for Iraq

Find out About the Conflict

In the last two months a staggering 850,000 Iraqis, mostly Christians, Shi’ites and Yazidi, have fled their homes as Islamic State (IS, previously ISIS) fighters have swept across the north of the country. threatening with death all who will not adopt their version of Islam. An estimated 10,000 people have lost their lives, most of whom are civilians. Religious and ethnic minority groups have been particularly targeted, and many have been subjected to unspeakable brutalities. It is estimated that a quarter of Iraq’s Christians have fled, threatened by IS at best with fines, at worst with forced conversion or death. All these refugees, the innocent victims of this crisis, are in desperate need of food, water and medical care in the short term and a place of safety to re-establish their families and livelihoods in the longer term.

We kept a Night of Prayer for Iraq on Friday 29th August from 9.30pm. After a service of Compline and an hour of Silent Vigil, an overnight Prayer Watch was kept until 7am.

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