Angelic Volunteers Needed!

June 17, 2020
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June 17, 2020 Michelle

As Ripon Cathedral opens for private prayer, the cathedral development team is seeking volunteers to help make 11,000 origami angels which will form an art installation in its stunning nave.

‘A Wing and a Prayer’ was launched in early May in conjunction with the Yorkshire Air Ambulance. The aim of the project is to create an installation that fills the nave with angels bearing prayers for those who have lost their lives to the coronavirus and those in the NHS and other front line services risking their own lives for the sake of others. So far the project has raised over £130,000 which will be split between the charity and the cathedral.

People are asked to send in their prayers via the cathedral website to remember a loved one or a key worker; the prayers will then be said by the clergy during services and will also be borne by the origami angels hanging in the nave. Those leaving a prayer are also invited to make a donation.

Margaret Hammond, Development Manager of Ripon Cathedral Development Trust explained: “A number of our cathedral volunteers have already come forward and together with volunteers from Yorkshire Air Ambulance have made an amazing 2,000 origami angels.

However, with at least 11,000 angels to create over the next month this is a huge challenge and we are now seeking more volunteers to get involved. Perhaps if you are shielding and have some spare time during lockdown you could help? Making the first origami angel may seem complicated but they become easier once you have made two or three!”

From August 1st visitors and donors will have the opportunity to come and see the display – reflecting how people from our community have come together during these uncertain times to support one another.

The Dean of Ripon, the Very Rev John Dobson DL said: “This project is doing several positive things and responding to a real desire on the part of many people to make their prayers in or through Ripon Cathedral. The angel art installation will be an expression of all of these including memories of some who have died and gratitude for both healing and the exceptional service provided by so many in society.

“There is no doubt that the financial support resulting from all the generous donations is very welcome for ourselves and for Yorkshire Air Ambulance; for both of us income has been his drastically during the time of lockdown. Here at the cathedral our support base has been increasing across the region in recent years; this is helping to give us increased resilience in these challenging times and I am extremely grateful to all those who are coming forward to support us financially.”

If you would like to be a part of Ripon Cathedrals angel attraction, please visit to fill in the angel donation form and request a prayer.

Donate an Angel here

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