Quiz Answers

Answers from our July/August Newsletter Quiz on books of the bible can be found below.

1.     1,2,3,4,5… Numbers
2.     Sounds like an organic compound Esther
3.     Dalton, Spall or Peake Timothy
4.     They had a famous temple to Artemis Ephesians
5.     Part of a song by the Beatles Jude
6.     Julius Caesar, Caligula, Pliny Romans
7.     Lord Bingham and Lord Denning Judges
8.     Mark Twain’s real first name Samuel
9.     Another day, another dollar/Any port in a storm Proverbs
10.  Emmerdale Brearly Amos
11.  Do they come from Manila? Philippians
12.  Contained in the name of a C S Lewis series Chronicles
13.  An afterthought, money given to the poor Psalms
14.  Sounds like a crooked facial feature over the nose Isaiah
15.  Oh, woe is me, woe is me Lamentations
16.  He had a whale of a time Jonah
17.  Exposure and bombshell Revelations
18.  They are famous for their canal Corinthians
19.  Stain Mark
20.  Scenes from it are in the Sistine Chapel Genesis
21.  Starts with the first 6 letters of a form of hydrogen Deuteronomy
22.  Royal Academy’s first president’s first name Joshua
23.  Deeds Acts
24.  Sounds as though it should be a spell for “Rise up” Leviticus

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