Art in the cathedral – spectacular stitching and a startling sculpture

September 29, 2020
September 29, 2020 Michelle

Acclaimed artist Jacqui Parkinson brings her stunning work to the cathedral once more in a thought provoking new exhibition which runs until November 1st.

Tree of Life consists of three stitched panels with a tree at their centre that represent pivotal moments in the Bible, while the installation – or sculpture – Open Heaven – is a life size figure of Christ hanging from a ladder depicting Jesus reaching towards us, inviting us to heaven.

Jacqui enlisted the help of a body casting team to create the figure along with a young friend who was able to cope with the stress of a complete body cast.

Jacqui explained: “The idea of a figure of Jesus on a ladder came to me, strangely, in a dream. It was outside my comfort zone to get this made.  Luckily a young (and thin) friend of ours agreed to go through the ordeal of a whole body cast, and there he is in fibreglass for all to see!”

Jacqui’s exhibition Threads Through Revelation was a huge hit at the cathedral in 2018.  She said: “After the enormous effort of 14 panels in ‘Threads through Revelation’, I decided to do a smaller project. It still did take me 18 months and over a million stitches!  The three panels of ‘Tree of Life’ tell the stories of the Garden of Eden and Adam and Eve’s fall, in the first pages of the Bible, the Crucifixion, and the promise of a new heaven and earth in the last pages of the Bible.”







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