at Ripon Cathedral

Baptisms at Ripon Cathedral

Baptism, as its Old English name ‘christening’ suggests, means being ‘made into Christ’ – becoming part of the Christian family. People can be baptised at any age, though many parents, wishing to thank God for the gift of their child and start them on the journey of faith, arrange for their baptism as babies.

If you live in the Cathedral parish you are entitled to be baptised here yourself or have your children baptised here. (You can find out if you live in the parish by entering your postcode into the Church near You website). Baptism is also available to members of this church community who do not live within the parish boundary and we are open to consider baptising other children. If you live in another parish we will ask you to seek the agreement of the vicar of the parish where you live.

Most baptisms of babies and children take place at 1.15 pm on a number of Sundays through the year. We ask all families to attend our ‘Baptism Matters’ course (run on a Saturday morning or afternoon on different dates through the year). If you are wondering if baptism is right for your child and family you are most welcome to arrange to attend the Baptism Matters course before booking a baptism.  

Adults seeking baptism prepare by learning about the faith and usually are baptised and confirmed at the same service by the Bishop.

To find out more about the possibility of baptism please contact Victoria Richardson on 01765 603462 or email

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