Here be dragons!

October 14, 2021
October 14, 2021 Joe

The front face of the Sigurd Stone. Sigurd can be seen sucking his thumb after burning it on the heart of the slain dragon Fafnir.

Dragons will be descending on Ripon this Autumn as we celebrate our city’s ancient heritage, which includes an unassuming stone, housed in the Library at Ripon Cathedral.

Known as the Sigurd Stone, this remnant of a grave stone may well have stood atop the grave of a Norse settler in Ripon who died in the 9th/10th centuries. What is so remarkable about this type of stone is that it combines Christian imagery in the cross-shape with Norse mythology, in the shape of Sigurd, slayer of dragons!

This story will be brought to life this November as performers from Hazelsong Theatre bring a 6 metre long dragon puppet to life, parading it around Ripon before performing a new piece of theatre in locations around Ripon.

The theatre group are also looking to involve local families and school children and are offering music workshops, sock puppet making and free performances from the 4-6 November. The team is also looking to collaborate with folk musicians to devise and perform new pieces of music about this story during a free lunchtime concert. More details can be found on the events page here.



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