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Ripon Cathedral
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Nov 04 - 06 2021


All Day

Northumbrian Sagas: Fafnir & Sigurd

Explore the Norse legend surrounding the dragon Fafnir and Sigurd – slayer of dragons – through song, dance and music!

The legend is depicted on one of the cathedral’s artefacts – the Sigurd Stone – which resides in the Cathedral Library and Treasury. The stone dates from the 8th or 9th century and shows the Norse legend of Sigurd the Dragon Slayer. 

4 Nov 10am-12.00noon

Rock up and play folk music with folk duo the Brothers Gillespie and Hazelsong Theatre. Bring an instrument and join in a collaborative music making session, telling tales of dragons and heroes.

4 Nov 1pm

Lunchtime recital with folk musicians The Brothers Gillespie and Hazelsong Theatre. You can even join in the performance if you’d like. Bring an instrument at 10am for rehearsal.

4 Nov 3.15pm

Dragon Parade from the cathedral, through Ripon and up onto the market square. Would you like to be one of our dragon wranglers? Email yvonnejefferies@riponcathedral.org.uk

6 Nov 9.30am-12noon

Craft your own dragon sock puppet with professional puppet makers Andy Bates & Linda Richardson.

6 Nov 12.30pm

Dragon parade through Ripon ending with the tale of Sigurd and Fafnir at the Band Stand in Ripon’s Spa Gardens.

For more information, please contact yvonnejefferies@riponcathedral.org.uk


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