Ripon Cathedral
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Jun 03 2022 - Nov 01 2022


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From Rome to Ripon Art Exhibition

A group show by four artists including Sara Shamma, Paul Baily, Jack Chesterman and a visual projection collective.

We are very fortunate to be able to include Syrian artist Sara Shamma, whose dynamic portraiture is internationally acclaimed. Sara will be producing portraits of St Wilfrid and his contemporaries to bring them to life over 1,300 years after they trod this earth. 

Jack Chesterman will create three paintings depicting elements of Wilfrid’s life, which will be housed in the Anglo-Saxon crypt. Music will stitch the painting and projection together, creating an evocative and immersive experience in the oldest structure of any English Cathedral in use today.

Our poet, Olivia Mulligan, or Liv as she is known, was born and bred in North Yorkshire. After spending several years in London, completing a degree in Drama and Creative Writing, and a short spell working in the city, she could no longer resist the call of the Yorkshire Dales and so returned to her roots not far from Ripon.
The Projection Collective is composed of local visual artists including Joe Priestley, Chris Bailey and Charlie Brown.

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