Ripon Cathedral Choir do Fountains by Floodlight

October 8, 2019
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October 8, 2019 Michelle

Ripon Cathedral Choir and Ripon Cathedral’s youth choir Unity Voices sang to a packed cellarium at Fountains Abbey as part of the ‘Fountains by Floodlight’ series. The choirs were led by Director of Music Andrew Bryden and Music Outreach Co-ordinator Tracey Kendrick – respectively.

The cathedral is intrinsically linked with Fountains; in the winter of 1132 monks set forth from Ripon Cathedral to found the abbey after being granted lands by Thurstan, Archbishop of York. It was to become Europe’s largest Cistercian Abbey. The route is remembered in our annual Boxing Day Pilgrimage!

The cathedral choir’s performance of the Australian composer Bruce Stewart’s ‘Ninth Hour’ recalling the betrayal of Christ and his final hours, was utterly spell-binding. Ripon Cathedral Choir were the first choir to perform the piece in the UK.

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