From lasers to hogs hair

January 16, 2020
January 16, 2020 Joe

Following a trial on the choir stalls in 2019, we are now embarking on a major clean. Whilst the trial included high-tech conservation methods, such as using a laser beam to remove dust (whilst leaving the woodwork untouched), we have opted for the use of more traditional technologies – sturdy hand brushes! Conservators will be using a mixture of different brushes of different levels of stiffness to remove dust and salt crystals.

This process has now begun, with an expected 1,500 hours to be spent simply dusting. This does mean that there will be scaffolding in place until late March with no access to the stalls. However, visitors will be able to see conservators at work with cameras streaming their work to ground floor and an exhibition keeping visitors up to date on progress. All in all, it is fascinating to see this once in a generation work underway.

You can support this project and help to restore our misericords by giving using this link.

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