Military Wives’ Special Recording for VE Day Service

May 5, 2020
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May 5, 2020 Michelle

Photo courtesy of Helen Tabor

The Dishforth Military Wives Choir is making a brand new recording during lockdown of the famous hymn Abide With Me – for Ripon Cathedral’s virtual VE Day Service with the Archbishop of York.

The choir is conducted by cathedral lay clerk Ruth Sladden who explained: “It’s a favourite piece of the choir; they had been booked to sing it in the VE Day service, before lockdown and really wanted to fulfil that commitment.

“It’s an existing arrangement (but a new virtual choir recording) of the hymn arranged by the American, Sally DeFord, whose music we really enjoy. The piece is offered here as an anthem rather than a hymn.

The Dishforth Military Wives Choir are still meeting every Monday night via Zoom! “To enable this recording,  I’ve prepared  a conductor’s video on YouTube alongside a teaching track of me singing with piano,” explained Ruth, “so the ladies are recording themselves in isolation at home, being really brave, singing with me in their ear on headphones, while watching me conduct (words are on the screen too to help them) and just recording themselves into their phones, laptops or iPads.”

The recordings will be blended together to set it into Friday’s 11am service; a photograph montage of the military wives will be shown while it’s playing.

The service can be accessed via the front page of the website.

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