Why Pilgrimage to Peace?

In mediaeval times, Ripon, like many other cathedrals, was a centre of pilgrimage. There was a natural human desire to go in search of those things that could enable people to reach a deeper, truer reality.  The motivation for much pilgrimage, and many other human pursuits, is no different today.

Whatever your reason for visiting Ripon Cathedral, I invite you to enjoy this wonderful building and all its community offers.

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Discover our Pilgrimage to Fountains abbey

A route first walked in 1132 by monks, setting out to found Fountains Abbey. Now digitised for the contemporary pilgrim to follow. Please be aware that this route includes a section of National Trust property which, due to Covid-19, may not be accessible at this time.


Pilgrimage Trails

We have a wide variety of pilgrimage trails inspired by Ripon Cathedral.

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