restoring fallen angels

Restoring Fallen Angels

Ripon Cathedral’s 15th century misericords and choir stalls are currently  undergoing once in a generation conservation work. Conservators will be removing decades of dust and salt crystals, which has dropped from the stonework onto the canopies of the stalls. First, the dust is removed with brushes, then sucked up into a vacuum.

A beeswax compound will then be applied to the woodwork. The end result will be to transform the woodwork from a dusty grey to a soft brown colour, much closer to its original state.

As well as dusting and cleaning, a number of repairs need to be made, including to one of the angels who has fallen from her perch on the canopy. The angels are secured with treenails – wooden nails which archaeological evidence shows have been used in construction for at least 7,000 years.

restoring fallen angels

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ripon renewed

Ripon Cathedral Renewed
Archaeological Investigations

Beginning in February 2020, a team of archaeologists from FAS Heritage will be undertaking targeted investigations in the south churchyard. Permissions have been granted by the Cathedral Fabric Commission for England and Historic England for the work, which is expected to take several months.

We aim to provide information on the archaeology, in terms of depth and levels of preservation. This will allow careful planning for any new building including minimising impact of the cathedral’s rich heritage.

We will keep this page up to date with information as the project unfolds.

ripon renewed
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