Rings of Hope and Appreciation adorn our doors

June 9, 2020
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June 9, 2020 Michelle

Beautiful Rings of Hope and Appreciation in support of NHS staff and essential workers appeared across the city and local area this month – courtesy of the members of Ripon Cathedral Flower Guild and Ripon Flower Club.

The rings include a strking arrangement (pictured above) which now hangs from the cathedral’s great west doors.

Flower arrangers all over the country are taking part in this creative gesture. The rings symbolise unending love, the cycle of life and hope.  Green is for renewal, balance and progress, whilst blue is for the NHS.

Canon Ailsa Newby said: “A wonderful idea, thank you Flower Guild!  At times like this it is easy to lose hope for the future. Christianity says there is always hope and when we see people willing  to share their skills to raise our spirits with these rings, we know that it is right to hope.”

The idea for the rings came from Master Florist Katherine Kear, a member of the National Association of Flower Arrangement Societies.

One of our talented flower arrangers Caroline Baldwin said: “Members of Ripon Cathedral Flower Guild and Ripon Flower Club have really enjoyed making these rings. Thank you to John Hawkridge, chair of the flower club who sent us the press release from NAFAS which started us off!

“Our members wanted to express how much they appreciate those working in the NHS for their tireless dedication. By creating something of beauty from what nature has provided, we wanted to show that hope can still be found even in times of darkness.”

 You can see how to make one at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZahAnNDPEg


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