Scaffolding’s up

March 14, 2019
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March 14, 2019 Julia Barker

Director of Operations, Julia Barker writes... Scaffolding going up makes me happy as it means something exciting is going to be happening and I can get into different places around the cathedral I can’t normally get to.

A couple of years ago an angel fell from her place on the choir stalls above a lay clerks head. She now lives in a box in my office nestled in some acid free tissue paper and bubble wrap until she can go back up.

The scaffolding means she is closer to going back to were she belongs in the stalls.

Over the next month we will be exploring different ways to clean the stalls and repair the broken items like the angel and boy do they need cleaning.



The scaffolding allowed me to get up close to them today for the very first time and the beauty of the stalls is something to behold. You can really appreciate the work that went into creating them but it is hidden under a lot of dust and cobwebs.




Also, you never know what you will see when you go up to places like this and as I looked beyond the stalls themselves I could see into the organ pipes behind. Not a view you see every day at all…

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