School Visits

Ripon's beautiful Cathedral is the perfect environment to learn and discover something new.

Ripon Cathedral’s Education Team offer school visits that are filled with awe, wonder and intrigue. With great facilities and exciting, interactive workshops to support learning in EYFS and Key Stages 1 & 2, the cathedral is a fantastic place to bring your classroom learning to life.

Our Education Officer, Yvonne Jefferies, leads a team of experienced education volunteers, who run hands-on activities on aspects of RE and History. You are welcome to come for a short visit or stay the whole day, as the cathedral has beautiful outdoor spaces for picnics as well as complimentary wet weather alternatives.

There is a small charge of £3 / £5 per pupil for half / full day visits, led by our Education Team. Our dedicated education days are Tuesdays and Wednesdays, but self-guided school visits are welcome at other times. However, please make sure you book your visit with us – as the cathedral is often in use for community events and services – and we would be grateful for any donation you are able to make.

We also welcome visits from older school groups – please get in touch to discuss how we can help.

How to book: please contact the office on 01765 603462 or on

Anglo-Saxon Heritage

KS1 Anglo Saxon Hidden Treasure

A hands-on fun workshop looking at real treasure, walking down ancient hidden passage ways, discovering who was Wilfrid and why he chose to build a stunning stone Church in Ripon that would amaze everyone who saw it.

Looking at our own Ripon Jewel -what does this treasure tell us about the Anglo Saxons? Who was Wilfrid and what does the oldest Anglo-Saxon Crypt in England dating back to 672AD tell us about him?

Enjoy a practical activity designing and making your own Ripon Jewel.

Amazing Anglo-Saxons KS 2

Develop through historical writing – what did I learn from this artefact?

Why was the Crypt, built in 672AD, so important to St Wilfrid? What do the stones reveal about the Anglo-Saxons? Solve an Anglo-Saxon riddle.

Look at a real Anglo-Saxon artefact, design and make your own Anglo- Saxon Jewel and have a go at illuminating a manuscript Anglo-Saxon style.

History KS3/4 Making connections

Wilfrid  – what if?

Looking at what Wilfrid achieved and why he is such a significant historical figure of the 7th century. What if he hadn’t been successful at the Synod of Whitby? Why was building a stone Church in Ripon so important? What do we learn from looking at Wilfrid’s Gospel manuscripts – what kind of statement did they make?

Young Explorers Modules

Wilfrid Bear Tour

Using crafts, drama and story to discover more about the hidden treasures of our Cathedral and the life of St Wilfrid.

Go back in time 1,350 years ago and discover this hidden part of the Cathedral that dates back to 672AD. Explore the secret passageway where Saxon pilgrims would have walked.

Find out about what life was like for Wilfrid as a monk from Lindisfarne, using a compass and drawing a map to show why he wanted to build his stone Church in Ripon.

Learn how Wilfrid Bear spends his day and help him make a pottery bowl.

EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) and KS1/2

History-develop an awareness of the past

Geo- special places

-learn about maps, symbols and compass directions

Sci- identifying a range of materials used in building

Art and Design – use a range of materials creatively to make products

SMSC-respond to cultural opportunities outside the classroom

Easter Module/Fantastic Festivals

Explore Easter travelling through Holy Week with lots of sights, smells and drama. Meet our Legionary on duty. Discover the secret passage to the Crypt dating back to the Anglo Saxons 672AD (even before the Vikings) built by St Wilfrid to resemble the garden tomb. Visit the hidden Chapel of Resurrection that leads onto our Easter Garden. Find out about Easter then and how and why we celebrate Easter now.

Be detectives looking at the signs and symbols of Resurrection in stained glass. Children will engage in an art activity based on the Emmerson Hanging Glass image.

Children will receive an information booklet about Easter then and now and create an embellished Cross.

This module takes 1½ hours.

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