The Sea: Our Curate’s #LiveLent Reflection 2020

March 9, 2020 Joe

Some went down to the sea in ships, doing business on the mighty waters; they saw the deeds of the Lord, his wondrous works in the deep (psalm 107.24). 

Despite the fact we have travelled into space, discovered the human genome, more than 80% of the ocean remains unmapped, unobserved and unexplored.

When I was little, my Grandparents lived by the sea. It was a wonderful playground full of strange rocks, sun filtered splashes, murky water, unidentified dirt. Even the air was sea — damp and salty. Through the summer my Nana and I would walk the dogs around groups of solid, betowelled tourists, my mother watching from the window so she could rescue me before my Nana crossed the road, without waiting — one hand raised up to stop the traffic. But we would be there too through the winter, when the tourists had all returned to narrow, closed streets, drawn curtains across small windows. And I would walk across the beach and it would smell of freedom. Through afternoons of space and light, we walked together along the boundary between the known and unknown, solid ground and the depths.  

There is so much about the sea in the gospels. As many as six of the disciples were fishermen, called from their nets. And Jesus returns again and again to the shoreline, to that place where the known and the unknown meet. Perhaps because Jesus in a sense is a shoreline, a place of meeting. Between human and God, between the known and the unknown, between the body and the spirit, between judgment and salvation. And so fishermen were, in a sense, natural disciples. Men who lived lives full of mundanity and mystery, whose very job took them across the boundaries which contained everyone else.

This week #livelent focuses on water. Pollution is killing life in our seas and waterways — chemicals, waste, plastics. Look in your kitchen and bathroom. Is there one thing from each you could switch to a product that does not contain harmful chemicals? Can you switch to a brand which offers refills?

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