The Way of Jesus

At Ripon Cathedral we know that we all need to grow in faith. The cathedral runs regular opportunities to grow in discipleship and understanding of faith. ‘The Way’ is the earliest known title for the group of Jesus’ followers. Even before they were first called Christians, they were called ‘followers of The Way’. So we have adopted ‘The Way’ as the title of all that we offer for personal growth. It makes clear that being a disciple of Jesus is a matter of constantly following him: a dynamic process of travelling in the company of our risen Lord as we grow and deepen our faith.

Watch out for details of what is going on:

We have an occasional discussion evening called ‘hot Potatoes’ when we discuss a theological hot potato over a supper of jacket potatoes. The theme is introduced by one of the cathedral clergy as we share supper and then we open up a discussion. There are no correct answers, just space to talk about the trickier questions of faith. Past topics have included: Is Hell Empty? Resurrection, How does Jesus
save? And same-sex relationships. Watch out for future topics.

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