November 5, 2021
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November 5, 2021 Michelle

St Mary Magdalen and St John the Baptist Chapel and Hospital Trusts

The Trust comprises of two charities in Ripon encompassing the ancient chapels and almshouses of St Mary Magdalen and St John the Baptist under the guidance of the Dean of Ripon Cathedral.

This historic Trust has responsibilities for the fabric and well-being of the two chapels, the almshouses and their occupants. We are looking for persons of integrity and social awareness who might be recently retired, having followed a professional career or having skills and understanding in the needs of community and who has sympathy with the Christian ethos. Previous experience as a Trustee is not essential.

The Trust invariably meets in the afternoon three times a year and there may be additional meetings according to skills the Trustee might bring to the organisation. This is a voluntary role and Trustees are supported in their commitment by the direction of the vice chair, other experienced Trustees and a paid administrator. Having read this far, you have shown interest, so please contact the administrator with your CV at

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