Up close to the angels

March 21, 2019
March 21, 2019 Julia Barker

Julia Barker, our Director of Operations updates us on the work in the quire…. 

The conservator has been up on the scaffolding for four days now – for two of those days he was joined by a colleague exploring the uses of a laser to help with the cleaning. The quire had to be closed to visitors whilst the laser was being used but being able to look now at the areas they worked on you can see that the difference to the other areas is amazing!


The conservator is also exploring different ways of cleaning – so once it has been dusted we need to decide what we do next! It could be cleaned down with mild solvents or just with water to take off more dirt. A lot will depend on the finish that we want at the end and how much time and therefore money different approaches will take.


Our knowledge of the stalls is also growing just by getting up close to them.

You get a chance to see some of the differences in the carving that may be denote different craftsmen at work or indicate different periods in which the work was done. We have also seen some traces of decoration left on the upper levels of the mayor’s stall; this doesn’t appear elsewhere so was the mayor’s stall more highly decorated or has it just been better preserved? We might find the answer to that when the scaffolding expands to more areas in the autumn.


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