Lent 2021 - The Rhythm of Life

This year, when the rhythm of our lives has been disrupted by lockdown, we are going to  take the opportunity to do things differently, reflecting these words of Jesus (in The Message translation of the Bible)

learn from me the unforced rhythms of grace…

Matthew 11:28

This is not about giving ourselves yet more tasks to fulfil but to give ourselves space to stop and take stock and learn from Jesus. To thrive, we all need support, friendship and the chance to talk things through with other people.  So we are suggesting that you form a partnership with one or two other people and make time through Lent to talk, to share, to encourage and support each other as you reflect on your own, personal, rhythm of life using these headings:

LOVING: praying, encouraging one another and sharing God’s generosity

LIVING: celebrating, being thankful and resting

LEARNING: reflecting and creating

Take a look at what Bishop Nick says, inviting you to participate: Invitation-Leaflet.pdf (anglican.org)

Bishop Helen-Ann is also offering an introduction to the Rhythm of Life materials on Monday 15th March https://learning.leeds.anglican.org/event/rhythm-of-life-get-started-session-ripon/

This is what to do:   

  • Form a partnership or threesome

You can form your own partnerships or threesomes or talk to Canon Ailsa who will happily arrange a partner or two for you. If you make your own arrangements, she’d be glad to know.

  • Decide between you on the best way to take stock

Do whatever works for you.   You might choose to review all areas of the Rhythm of Life at the same time, or choose to take them in turn over several days. Or you could jump about from one to the other, as the Spirit moves you. Go with your own rhythm and be gentle on yourself.

Any of the clergy are willing to offer further advice or recommendations for reading. Look at the resources attached  and take a look at the resources, suggestions and courses on all these topics on the Diocesan Learning Platform. Go to https://learning.leeds.anglican.org/rol/ and follow the links.

Take time to explore and enjoy as you reflect. There are links below to resources under each of the seven headings Bishop Nick outlines to help take stock of our lives. These are suggestions that the cathedral team have put together as well as links to the Diocesan website

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