Ripon Cathedral Renewed

February 11, 2020
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February 11, 2020 Michelle

Ripon Cathedral Renewed – PROJECT UPDATE

Archaeological investigations are underway at Ripon Cathedral as we move one step closer to realising our vision for a 21st century cathedral.

Small scale excavations within the south churchyard will determine what lies beneath and inform the design of a proposed new build housing much needed facilities for visitors and tourists – as well as our renowned choir.

The plans are part of the cathedral’s strategic vision Growing God’s Kingdom which aims to see the cathedral as a force for good, serving both the church and wider community – locally, regionally and nationally.

Key to the Ripon Cathedral Renewed Project will be the provision of toilets (with Ripon’s only adult changing room) and a cafe! The new building would also include rehearsal space for Ripon Cathedral Choir; the children need a safe space, undisturbed by visitors and currently use a cramped undercroft area previously used as a burial vault.

It’s also intended that large areas within the cathedral itself can be opened up to the public for the first time in centuries thanks to the provision of new storage space.

This is a significant development for a building which contains the oldest built fabric of any English cathedral. St Wilfrid’s crypt of 672 AD is still part of this living church attracting visitors and pilgrims from around the world.

It’s hoped more detailed plans will be available by the summer – with a period of public consultation preceding any construction.

Ripon Cathedral Renewed – A MESSAGE FROM THE DEAN

 “It is clear that the development of the cathedral is vital to bring this national treasure in to the 21st century.

“As custodians of this fantastic building we are only too aware of the legacy we uphold. We have this ancient history, this wonderful architecture – what we haven’t got are the facilities that people need.

“Each generation has, over 13 centuries, taken on what has been handed to it and made its own contributions. We take none of this for granted and we have a responsibility, in our generation, to make our contribution now.

“Over the last few years it has become increasingly obvious to a growing number of people that the development of Ripon Cathedral is vital as we seek to serve the communities of the region now and in the future.

“There is a need to provide facilities that are taken for granted in our time, as well as enabling us to open up new spaces within the cathedral itself. This all connects to how we are seeking to grow God’s kingdom in our own day.

 “This is a project that has already started drawing together people with a sense of common purpose from both the city of Ripon and the wider region together. My prayer is that this will continue and that the Ripon Cathedral Renewed project will be a blessing not just to the people of Ripon and Yorkshire but to all those people who visit from the UK and other countries.”

 The Dean of Ripon, the Very Rev John Dobson DL.



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